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From the simplest to the most complex video surveillance system, our first priority is quality. We provide and install a complete line of Fixed and Pan/Tilt/Zoom video cameras, AutoDomes, monitors, VCRs, digital video recorders, multiplexers, sequential and matrix control systems/switchers, video and data transmission systems, and other related surveillance equipment, along with exceptional technical service.

Intelligent Motion Detection
The cameras are able to change their recording frame rate based on general motion or intelligent motion. Intelligent motion is the process
in which the camera detects motion that is predetermined to be suspicious, like a person walking in a zig zag motion through a parking lot or two people meeting in a parking lot. When items like these are detected, the cameras can be programmed to record at a higher frame rate compared to just general motion or no motion at all.

Low Lux
Low lighting is not a problem for these cameras. They are able to give a bright and clear picture even if moonlight is the only light available.

Hard Drives - Digital Recorders or Recording
The video is recorded on hard drives so they can easily be made into clips that can be sent out via e-mail or burned to CD. This format allows you faster access to the videos and will enable your company to send the video to the proper authorities instantly over the Internet.

The cameras may be equipped with microphones to record conversations in the immediate vicinity of the camera.

Color - Fixed or Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)
The cameras will record in color. If the camera is recording in Low Lux, the images may be in a gray scale image vs. color.

Smart Search
Because the video is saved to a hard drive, you are able to search the recorded images for motion or types of motion. You can indicate a start time and end time for the computer to search the video and also set the level of motion you want to see. This is very useful when you know a time range of when an event took place and you want to see all motion within that scope of time.



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