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If your needs require the highest level of system availability, Legacy Communications has the knowledge and products to implement a dual-power strategy throughout your enterprise. Unlimited Power Source (UPS), transfer switching, power distribution and other equipment are all brought together to create the ultimate in reliability.

Every operation in your business depends upon the instant, around-the-clock availability of computers, servers and other electronic systems. If they arenít working, neither is your company. Unfortunately, every piece of equipment your company possesses is subject to the whims of the electricity that powers it. The first step in taking control of the situation is to understand the threats to your system reliability - and exactly what you can do about them.

You need protection from all power problems. An outage is just the problem you can see. There are many other more frequent power fluctuations such as surges, spikes, and sags, that you don't see. These are conditions that cause the "unexplained" lock-ups and other potentially damaging results.

Out-of-the-Box can put you Out-of-Business. Buying a simple off-line UPS down at the computer store may be a good solution for your home PC, but it just doesn't make sense when your business and productivity are on the line. Protecting critical network and computing systems requires the expertise of someone who understands all the risks you face from poor power quality.

Centralized versus distributed UPS protection. Legacy Communications has the breadth of products that allows you to implement either a centralized or a one-on-one distributed power protection strategy, depending on your requirements. Whatever configuration you choose, you can count on Legacy to make it the best it can be. Benefits, such as increased system security, more efficient maintenance and improved reliability, may make a centralized strategy a better choice for larger operations.

Proper power depends on proper distributions. In network applications, there may be hundreds of different loads with various voltage requirements, a mix of AC and DC power, plus any number of electrical specifications. This calls for a distribution system that is designed to maintain the highest levels of reliability and quality between the source of conditioned power and the protected equipment. Power conditioning and surge protection throughout your facility. Power conditioning and surge suppression systems are key to maintaining power quality in critical facilities. Raw utility power is often far too "dirty" for sensitive systems, resulting in lost or garbled data, unexpected software glitches or shutdowns, even hardware damage. The IEEE recommended practice is to install transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) protection on every electrical conductor that penetrates a facility shell, including power lines, telephone and other communications links.

Where do you need mission-critical power protection technology? Data centers have high availability of data and network applications which are the heart of your enterprise with blade servers and high-density racks that demand increased power protection. Computer rooms are smaller-sized network and computer facilities, but are equally essential to your operations. Network closets that house routers, switches, modems, cabling devices and numerous other communications components are highly susceptible to power problems.

A Comprehensive Power Solution - the widest range of products gives you infinite range of solutions with Legacy Communications

Off-Line UPS passes utility power straight through to the protected load with a 2-6 ms break in power when transferring to battery back-up.

Line Interactive UPS provides power conditioning with a 2-6 ms break in power when transferring to battery back-up.

On-Line (Double Conversion) UPS delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to equipment with no break when transferring to battery. It protects equipment from virtually all power disturbances due to blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.


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