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Unlimited Ability
Unlimited ability for unique messages for an event. The messages sent out can be in a variety of formats (phone, e-mail, pager, alpha/numeric) and the message can say just about anything, such as who to call based on time of the day, the correct procedure for the event, the current employees or managers that are currently in the building.

Wireless is the key word for these systems. Your company can have it's own internal wire services for Paging and Phones. The phones can be voice activated for dialing and you can call groups of people for a broadcast message to all of them at once.

Overhead Voice

This system can be broken down into multiple zones aand channels so the system can control to which areas of the building the message will be sent. One of the useful aspects of this is when you need to evacuate the building. If there are multiple floors or buildings, the central command will send different messages to each floor and building explaining to each where the fire is according to their location (example: a fire has been detected on the floor below you) and what the best exit method would be for them (example: please exit to the north end of the building).

IED: Get audio routing and paging, pre-recorded messages, ambient noise analysis, zoned messages including ADA signage, logic control, networking, and supervision with IED systems. Automatic Mixers have fully automatic gating with override, are stand-alone or remote controlled, have Mic or Line inputs with processing options, along with numerous other options. Audio Control Systems have modular capability which include routing/switching, mixing, level control, multiple signal path delay, equalization/cross over/filtering, announcement distribution and paging, and power amplification. They include self-diagnostics and have easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, along with 508 simultaneous audio paths. They can automatically adjust the volume to compensate for noisy environments, distinguish between program material and room noise, and have real-time level control, with separate fixed emergency settings. Announcement Control Systems are available with announcement routing, priorities, queuing via digital record and playback, with pre-recorded message scheduling, emergency message distribution, and self-diagnostics. Courtesy Announcement Systems are available which can be used in a variety of applications including airports.
Visual Paging

These flat screens can be placed throughout the building and can be tied into the overhead voice system so people within the building can read what the paging system has announced. If an evacuation situation exists, the visual display will show the information that has recently been announced as well as what is about to be said.

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