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Legacy Communication's Nurse Call System provides the most comprehensive level of patient-oriented communication on the market today. We offer a full range of communication systems including advanced nurse call networks, personal response systems, tracking networks including infant security, and data reporting capabilities. Our communication systems are used in general and critical areas in hospitals, medical clinics, skilled nursing areas, as well as in retirement, assisted living, and long-term care facilities. Our health care line meets the growing needs of today's health care environment. We provide effective communication solutions as well as simple-to-use equipment for patients and staff.

The new ProNet Advanced Nurse Call System categorizes the patient request and directs it to the appropriate staff member. The caregiver prepares for the request before entering the patient's room which improves staff responsiveness and patient satisfaction. This is accomplished by integrating radio pagers and/or wireless communication systems that give the room number as well as the patient request information. This entire process is recorded in a database which can be used by management to assist in planning, staffing, and risk management. This reporting information is accessible through a web browser which expands the capabilities to help healthcare organizations in evaluating the level of patient care, as well staff productivity and cost efficacy.

The benefits of this system are patient-focused care, total communications control, and expandable state of the art technology. The features of this advanced system are browser based reporting, digitally enhanced audio for clearer communication, asset and personnel location, and graphical interactive floor layout with touch screen capabilities. It can interface with intelligent locator systems, radio paging systems, hospital information systems, and wireless communication devices.

The system further features Code Blue annunciation, corridor dome and zone lights for visual signaling, emergency pull stations for bathrooms, duty alarm station provides remote annunciation in staff areas, dual or single patient station for two-way voice communication and call signaling between caregiver and two or one patient beds, and duplex audio through handset or hands-free speakerphone operation.

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