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Our Custom Integrated Security Control Systems provide simple, convenient controls for an entire facility. These PLC and Touch Screen based control systems provide many different control functions including access and door control, power, lighting and water control, duress alarm monitoring, and intercom and video surveillance systems integration. All of these systems, and many more, may be controlled from Touch Screen Workstations in Centralized or Distributed Control Centers.



Each Touch Screen Workstation provides an easy-to-operate, fully automated, custom designed, Graphical User Interface (GUI). Every controlled and monitored device, such as a door or intercom station, has a respective icon. Each icon is graphically located on a map of the facility. Generally, doors look like doors, and intercom stations look like intercom stations; however, each type of icon is completely customizable and may be designed to accommodate specific owner requirements. GUI based control stations minimize training time and quickly familiarize new operators with the layout of the facility.

Every system is designed and assembled using only the highest quality, non-proprietary components and software available. Given the critical nature of detention facilities and their extreme dependence on these systems, every system is designed with fault tolerance in mind. All systems are powered by Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), which maintain operations during power outages, and Core system components are self-monitoring. Maintenance personnel are immediately notified of power and component failures.


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