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Legacy Communications LLC is a dedicated team of professional people with the experience to provide our customers with real solutions that will assure them the best return on their investment dollar. We base this conviction on professionalism, training and old-fashioned principles. Legacy Communications combines the latest technology and up-to-date management techniques with time honored traditions of quality workmanship and attention to detail.

What do we do? The short of it is that we find solutions for all your specialized and technical system needs. Some of the systems we design, install and support are Fire Alarm & Detection, Special Hazard, Access Control, Digital Video Surveillance (CCTV) , Voice/Data Communications and Healthcare Systems. Legacy also supports Central Station Monitoring and the testing and inspection of all these systems. We are not here to sell a product --- our primary goal is to design a final product that works together with all your current and new systems. We work with many different product suppliers and the systems they have to offer but we are not static in our choices. From our past experiences, we are flexible when it comes to working with your current system so your company doesn't have to reinvest thousands of dollars to replace old systems to achieve the overall goal

What is the overall goal? It is to have a central area that can monitor and control all of your systems. Central Control (a.k.a. Graphics) -- Imagine all of your technical services working together from one location. Legacy Communications will bring all those systems to a central control area so they work in harmony with each other. For example, if someone has forced one of your doors open and you want to discover who it was, the Graphics unit would tie your Access Control system with your Digital Video Surveillance (CCTV) system together and you would instantly be able to view an overhead CAD drawing of your building showing which door was actually forced open. The drawing would also show which cameras are in the area and you could view those videos right on your screen simply by clicking on them or you can search the video within a time slot for motion detection and only view those clips. This is just one of the many examples of how our installed systems can protect your employees and your property.

Overstock Products. We have a variety of overstock and speciality items that are available. Please visit our product search page by clicking here.


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